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- Outriggers: H-4-Point design; Vertical and horizontal agitation fully hydraulic; 4 loose outrigger pads incl. transport storage and stowage; Manual or automatic levelling alternatively; 4 outrigger bases
- Engine: Daimler AG; Output 450kW (612HP), Torque 2700Nm, certifications in accordance with EURO MOT 3a, TIER 3, CARB; Exhaust system cpl. stainless steel, incl. spark arrester, certification in accordance with 94/4/EC (ATAX Directive) & EN1834-2
- Fuel tank: 630l; Fuel: Diesel or alternatives (no RME/ Bio-Diesel); Supplies carrier and crane (50 l buffer tank at crane)
- Transmission: ZF AS-Tronic; Automated gearbox with integrated hydraulic retarder, 16 forward speeds and 2 reverse; 2-stage transfer case with switchable off-road gear
- Axles: 12 x 8 x 10; 6 Axles, axles 2,4,5,6 driven and equipped with selectable transverse lock, axles 4,5 with selectable longitudinal lock; axles 1,2,3,5,6 steered, axle 4 liftable
- Suspension: Hydropneumatic suspension with axle load compensation; Hydraulically lockable; Manual or automatic levelling alternatively
- Steering: Dual circuit hydro semiblock steering with emergency steering pump; Active rear axle steering (axles 5&6) with 6 different steering programs
- Brakes: Pneumatic dual circuit service brake with antilock system, acting on all wheels; Disc brakes; Hydraulic retarder integrated into transmission as sustained-action brake; Additional exhaust brake and constant throttle valve; spring-loaded parking brake
- Wheels: 395/95R25 (14.00R25); Steel rims 9,5-25/1,7"
- Cab: Wide version 2,88m; 2 adjustable seats with seat heating, armrests and pneumatic suspension; steering wheel height and tilt adjustable; Power door windows Tinted safety glass; engine-dependent water heating; Fire extinguisher; Air condition, Radio CD-Player Tachometer MTCO: Speed indication and analogue tracking on paper disc Stowage: Open storage boxes for lifting accessories; Lockable compartments Miscellaneous: Central lubrication; Ascendencies; Loose stepladder; Electronic immobiliser system incl. 3 keys
- TempomatTelescopic boom HA: 15m - 64m; Single cylinder telescoping system, manual or automatic telescoping alternativly
- Attachments for all equipment and extensions; 6 sheaves integrated in boom head for max. capacity of 134,5t
- Counterweight: 35,2t, 4 pieces; Automatic rigging system; Expandable to max. 116,8t; Max. 8,2t can be carried on board serially
- Boom luffing: 1 luffing cylinders with automatic lowering brake valve
- Rotary drive: 1 slewing gear unit with spring-loaded multi-disc brake; Different operating modes selectable
- Engine: Daimler AG; Output 205kW (279HP), Torque 1100Nm, certifications in accordance with EURO MOT 3a, TIER 3, CARB; Exhaust system cpl. stainless steel, incl. spark arrester, certification in accordance with 94/4/EC (ATAX Directive) & EN1834-2 H1: Hoist with spring-loaded multi-disc brake;Rope twist prevention; resolver
- Drive: Hydraulic system with power control; Axial-piston dual pump and 2 separate pumps for rotary drive and auxiliary consumers; Hydraulic oil cooler Control system: Pump control for 4 simultaneous working movements; electric pilot controls via 2 two-axis joysticks; different control modes selectable for hydraulic circuits; Memory for individual operator settings Operator aids: Demag IC-1, with integrated electronic load moment indicator; Colour display; Displaying of current operating conditions, load charts, fault indicator; Outrigger load indicator; Working range limiter Acoustical and optical (pre-) warning when approaching limit devices and conditions; Signal lights indicating LMI-load on crane cab; Crane data logger Cab: Version 0,88m; Tilt infinitely variable 20°; Seat heating; Sliding window in door and rear; Fold-out front window; Extendable side pedestal, foldable front pedestal; Handrails Tinted safety glass; pull-down sun visor and light curtains; engine-dependent and independent heating with timer; Air condition; Radio CD-Player Miscellaneous: Safety balustrade and handrails for crane cab access
- Painting T: Duplex basecoat, topcoat in Terex standard RAL 1013 "Pearl White" and RAL 7012 "Basalt Grey"
- Illumination: Work lights: 1 for hoists and rigging, 1 adjustable for work prefield at crane cab, 1x engine area crane, 4 for outriggers; Rotary beacons: 2x on carrier cab, 2x on crane tail
- Anemometer: Disconnectable, to be used with all extensions

Basic Machine
- Rooster Sheave
- MS (Runner) 3.0m
- Second Hoist Drum H2
- Luffing Jib 72m
- Add, counterweight 81,6 tons
- Superlift
- Hook Block 200-9-23-D
- Hook Block 80-3-23-D
- Single Line Hook 12,5-0-23-E
- Heavy Lift attachment S1:4 additional sheaves
- Outrigger quick connection
- Tyres 525/80R25 (20.50R25) - Steel Rim
- Out of crane cab adjustable xenon floodlight, at front support boom base section
- Positioning light
- Central lubrication superstructure quick connection telescopic boom
- Dolly support bracket
- Dolly prep
Capacity: 400
Boom: 210
Jib: 163
Engine: Daimler
Winch: 2
Price: P.O.R
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